Litro Gas sponsors 'Hikka Fest'

January 27, 2021 0 Comments

Litro Gas played a vital role at the fourth "Hikka Fest" which took place on the beaches of Hikkaduwa from July 29 - 31. Throughout the years, this event has evolved into one of the most looked forward events. This year, the proceeds of the beach festival will be used directly for tourism development, coral restoration and human infrastructure development.

Litro Gas joined the festival as the official LP gas sponsor for this mega event. The continuous supply of a clean, environmentally-friendly fuel in a safe manner was key to the success of the event.

This year, the Hikka Fest decided to focus on unleashing the talent of the phenomenal Roti specialists of Hikkaduwa. All Roti shops in Hikkaduwa participated with the aim of proving their prowess in innovating the most exotic, tantalizing roti ever tasted in Sri Lanka.

Litro Gas organized and conducted the first ever Roti Festival on Saturday. Twenty Roti outlets participated at this event.

The judges had a tough time evaluating each of the items based on creativity, taste, presentation and hygiene. Litro Gas took pride in sponsoring the winners with a 21 inch colour TV as the first prize and mini home theatres for the second and third place.


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